Review from the leading author and researcher on women’s purses

Kelley Styring is the author of “In Your Purse: Archaeology of the American Handbag.” In this video she gives her take on the Tara Knoll handbag design as it fits into the needs of the modern woman.

Kelley Styring grew up in Florida inspired by the people and events that occurred where her dad worked – NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center.  After earning a degree in industrial design from University of the Arts in Philadelphia and pursuing a career in design with NASA and Black & Decker, Kelley discovered that her design work was always enhanced by people called “market researchers.”  Inspired yet again, she earned an MBA from the University of South Carolina and conducted a personal campaign to be hired by the marketing gurus at Procter & Gamble.  It worked, and she spent five years there learning how people all over the world diapered their babies and watching people shower, among other things, and applying that consumer insight to developing and marketing new and improved consumer products.  She then worked at Frito-Lay (part of PepsiCo) where she helped introduce the world to WOW! Olestra-based snack chips, managed the company’s $8 billion snack product portfolio, and served as Director of Consumer Strategy and Insights.

Kelley Styring founded InsightFarm in 2003.  InsightFarm is a consumer strategy and market research consultancy dedicated to driving business growth through consumer insight.  InsightFarm serves Fortune 100 companies that are leaders in the food, apparel, baby care, consumer electronics, medical, media, paper, communications and fitness industries.  InsightFarm is based at the Styring family farm in Northern Oregon, where Kelley’s husband Steve grows grapes and makes fabulous wines.  For more information, visit

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