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Evolved Handbag

Welcome to the evolved handbag experience of Tara Knoll.  Our signature handbag has two compartments so you can organize items by how frequently you use them.  The purse is separated in the middle to store “non-essentials” below and “essentials” on the top.

Summer Collection

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The Perfect Work Bag


When we leave home in the morning, our bag is like our armory for the day- we must be prepared for everything.

That is what is great about the Tara Knoll bag- it separates the essential items you access frequently from others. Everything you may need in the day, from high heels to tampoons, is stored in the bottom compartment.

Looking Good From the Inside Out

When we first started Tara Knoll, one of our main frustrations was the lack of designer, high-quality handbags that offered a unique organizational interior.

The majority of designer handbags primary purpose is to look great on the exterior of the handbag.  But we all know that looking great on the outside does equate to how we feel in the inside.