About Us

The “Do Everything” Handbag Solution

Are you frustrated by the disorganization of your handbag? Tired of carrying two bags to work? The concept of Tara Knoll was founded to solve a major problem- the chaos that occurs in every woman’s handbag.

Welcome to the evolved handbag experience of Tara Knoll.  Our signature binary handbag has two compartments so you can organize items by how frequently you use them.  The purse is separated in the middle to store “non-essentials” below and “essentials” on the top.

Each of our handbags are thoughtfully crafted by a team of fashion industry experts.  Tara Knoll handbags fits into the lifestyles of any woman on the go, ranging from new mothers to corporate executives.

If you crave something more in your handbag, it’s time to investment in the Tara Knoll handbag experience.